Personalized, functional lifestyle medicine, nutriimmunological and functional genomics diagnosis and analysis.

Medical diagnostic laboratory GeneLab

I manage the day-to-day operations of the GENELAB Genetic and Immunological Diagnostic Center. We are pioneers in Europe in nutriimmunological and nutrigenetic diagnostics - tests that are essential in the process of personalizing nutrition and chronic disease management.

Among the tests we perform, there are also diagnostic programs dedicated to healthy people who want support in realizing their full potential.

Through, we have implemented logistical solutions that allow patients from almost anywhere to access the diagnostic tests needed to personalize nutrition and treatment.

Genetic and immune diagnostics

ProXtreme Performace - Comprehensive package of diagnostic tests and analyses
Functional genomics
Pharmaco genetics
Nutritional genetics
Performance genetics
Beauty genetics
Nutritional Immunology

Advanced multifactorial therapies and stem cell mobilization

Phenotype Therapy
Ketogenic Therapy
Hyperbaric Therapy
Anti-aging Therapy
Fertility Therapy
Medical City Detox
Immune Boost Therapy

Issues we address

Longer and healthier life
Heart & Brain diseases
Digestive tract diseases
Chronic skin diseases
Chronic fertility issues
Chronic obesity
and many others chronic diseases and issues