Julia Trawinska Personalized Functional Medicine Practitioner

Our innovative, multifactorial approach allows us to achieve excellent results in the treatment of many, often very difficult chronic diseases. Our therapies also deliver the expected results in slowing down the body's aging process, allowing for an additional few to several years of healthy life.

Julia Trawińska


I have been associated with VIMED Health & Beauty Medical Center since 2010, and have served as CEO since 2019.

VIMED Medical Center

One of the first clinics in the world to implement a personalized, functional approach to lifestyle medicine in 2007.

VIMED Medical Longevity Clinic

At the beginning of 2023, we launched our branch specifically dedicated to patients interested in slowing down the aging process.

Medical diagnostic laboratory GeneLab


Lifestyle Medicine Foundation

Since 2016, as President of the Lifestyle Medicine Foundation, I have been popularizing an innovative, personalized, non-invasive approach to treating chronic diseases that impair people's quality of life and accelerate the aging process.


My clinic and I received a personal recommendation from one of the most prominent, world-class scientists, an undisputed authority in the field of nutrition and biochemistry - Prof. T. Colin Campbell, author of the book The China Study.

"I have visited many clinics in the United States and elsewhere that use the recommendations outlined in my book, The Future of Nutrition. However, none of them is as successful as the medical center, VIMED! I especially like the wholistic approach of the VIMED clinic in the applied Lifestyle Medicine therapies. It was my understanding that my earlier best-selling book, The China Study (now translated into at least 48 foreign languages, including Polish),was quite persuasive in the VIMED program.

I lectured at the VIMED clinic in Warsaw in 2016 and met Julia Trawinska and her parents who directed that institute. Julia now manages this institute and since has become President of the Lifestyle Medicine Foundation in Poland. With professional training in law, and her deep interest and experience in health, especially her interests in the role of nutrition in personal health, she will undoubtedly become an international leader in this field."

Prof. T. Colin Campbell